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30 Years of Experience

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In Business Since 1982

Unmatched Craftsmanship, Unforgettable Designs

30 Years of Experience

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In Business Since 1982

Where Tradition Meets Innovation

30 Years of Experience

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Igniting the Art of Metal with Hand-Forged Pieces in Oxford, MI

White Horse Forge combines traditional artistry with modern style, offering custom, hand-forged pieces in Oxford, MI, since 1982. More than just a local business, we alchemize dreams into reality using fire, metal, and passion. Embark on an enchanting craftsmanship journey with us, where your vision is formed in bronze, copper, or steel. 

Crafted Perfection by a Veteran Blacksmith

At the heart of our business is Dr. Charles R. (Bob) Becker, a seasoned blacksmith and veterinarian with a passion for his craft. Dr. Becker brings expertise and authenticity to his work, unparalleled in today’s market. Each hammer swing, each heated piece, and cooling quench results from years of mastery in metallurgy. Dr. Becker‘s dual skillset brings an imaginative yet practical approach to every custom piece he forges. 

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Personalized Elegance, Forever Cast in Metal

Dr. Becker doesn’t just create products; he caters to dreams. Offering custom-made bronze products, copper pieces, or steel products, every stroke of Dr. Becker‘s hammer is a commitment to your vision. From a bronze statue for your garden to a steel heirloom piece passed down through generations, each creation from the White Horse Forge is a testimony to your style and echoes your narrative. 

Forging Not Just Metals, But Relationships

As a local business in Oxford, MI, we value the unique bond forged, not just between metals but between us and our community. By working with White Horse Forge, you are investing in a piece of this heartwarming heritage and fostering a connection to this timeless craft. 

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Join us at White Horse Forge for an extraordinary journey, from envisioning an idea to holding a remarkable handcrafted piece in your hand. Contact us today for more details about what we do. 

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