The Man Behind Our Hand-Forged Ornamental Pieces

Dr. Charles R. (Bob) Becker heads White Horse Forge, a business renowned for creating functional and ornamental pieces in Oxford, MI. A 1964 Michigan State University School of Veterinary Medicine graduate and esteemed equine veterinarian, he channels his lifelong passion for creativity and precision into every piece, reflecting his soul’s craft. 

Showcased Across the Nation

Since 1986, Dr. Becker’s work has been displayed across numerous prestigious venues and universities, including the University of Michigan, Eastern Michigan University, and Louisiana State University. Each exhibit offers a distinct testament to his evolving mastery over metal, underlining his commitment to the art. 

Copper Horse Head Letter Opener
Wall Hanging Copper Animals

Restoration and Commissions: Preserving History and Fulfilling Dreams

Dr. Becker has proudly restored two historic gates at the Cranbrook Educational Community in Bloomfield Hills, MI, breathing new life into these pieces of history, as well as created an entrance sign for Lakeville Cemetery in Addison Township, MI. His passion extends to private commissions ranging from designing and forging gates, security doors, and signs to creating custom coffee tables, fireplace screens, and utensils. His equine background lends a unique touch to his creations, with handmade hoof picks becoming a specialty. 

Teaching: Passing on the Flame

Dr. Becker shares his wealth of knowledge, spark of creativity, and masterful techniques with others. Since 1990, he’s been a guest instructor at various schools and conferences. These platforms include the renowned Artist-Blacksmith’s Association of North America, the John C. Campbell Folk School, and the Touchstone Center for Crafts in Farmington, PA. 

Pot and Pan Rack Close Up
Horse Hat Coat Track

Accolades: A Mark of Excellence

His outstanding workmanship earned him the Silver Award from the National Ornamental and Miscellaneous Metals Association’s International Metalcraft Competition in Reno, NV, in 1996. He designed, forged, and installed a pair of driveway gates at his farm in Oxford, MI. 

Featured Craftsman

Dr. Becker’s journey and his exemplary craftsmanship have been celebrated in prominent blacksmith publications such as The Anvil’s Ring (Summer 1996), The Fabricator (July 1996), and Anvil Magazine (July 1999). His inspirational story continues to ignite the spirit of budding blacksmiths and those who appreciate the confluence of art and metal. 

Horse Hoof Pick

Words from Dr. Becker

Charles working at the forge, about page image

Although my first love will always be the horse, the art of creating objects with my hands is an essential part of my everyday life. For years, I worked with wood making furniture. In 1980, I discovered blacksmithing. The ability to heat metal and shape it with a hammer and anvil into a work of art or an architectural piece is most rewarding. I studied by myself for two years before taking courses from several master smiths including Francis Whitaker, Tom Joyce, Nol Putnam, Ed Grove and Ivan Bailey. I have had commissions to do railings, gates and other architectural forgings. My favorite work is of the horse’s head.”   

– Bob Becker, 2002